New Collaboration Capabilities Drive Productivity Amidst Disruption

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We’ve developed new features exclusive to the new user experience (UX)—including sharing and notifications—to allow increasingly distributed teams to collaborate more efficiently and effectively for streamlined processes and increased agility and accountability.

Stay Connected Despite Change

Today more than ever, teams across business units need to seamlessly communicate to drive real-time decision making from wherever they reside. 

With increasingly distributed teams increasingly working remotely, it is critical now more than ever for teams to seamlessly communicate and break down operational silos. To help teams collaborate and remain agile amid change, organizations need the right tools to bring the right people into the planning process at the right time. Anaplan is introducing new collaboration features in the Anaplan user experience, allowing users to communicate in context and drive performance across any device.

New UX Features Drive Collaboration and Productivity

Organizations have rapidly embraced remote working and collaboration tools to help teams stay connected and drive increased efficiency and performance. Exclusively available in Anaplan’s new UX, the new sharing and notification features are highly intuitive, helping teams seamlessly collaborate around data, models, and plans. 

New collaboration features within Anaplan’s UX include:

  • Notifications: Prompt and guide users when it’s time to take action and reduce communications loops by bringing the right people into the planning process at the right place and time. Send customized notifications to indicate specific user actions with the notify action.
  • Sharing: Easily share boards and worksheets with users to drive seamless collaboration and add customized messages to draw them to the specific data in question.


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Anaplan’s new collaboration capabilities will be available in the Anaplan platform in August. To learn more, read the Anapedia article and visit