New UX - 16th May 2019 - Whats New!

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We've introduced some exciting new functionality in the new User Experience (UX), making navigating through and interacting with your data easier.


Editable Boards!

We are introducing the ability to update data in a Board page. There's now an additional setting in the Card designer for grid cards, enabling Page Builders to permit users to update data within the grid.

Boards remain read only by default, but this can now be overridden if you need users to update their numbers or other data. This makes Board pages more flexible, enabling users to "take action" straight away! For example, by:

  • editing data in cards displayed on a board.
  • running actions such as imports, exports, Optimizer, or processes — coming soon as part of a new Action Card.
  • adding new items to a list (for example, adding a new employee or product to a model) — coming soon with Forms.

Cards on a Worksheets remain editable by default, but this new setting can be used to prevent data entry on specific cards.




Browser Tab Updates

You can now see the names of any pages that are open in your browser tabs. This enables you to easily switch to the page you are interested in if you have multiple pages open across multiple tabs.

Top tip: You can also use shortcut keys on most browsers to quickly switch between the pages you're interested in.





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