New UX - April 29, 2019 What's New!

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In the new User Experience (UX), we've added some exciting updates to enhance how you present and enter your data.

New grid styling


  • Editable cells now display using a white background and purple text.
  • Read-only cells now display using a grey background and dark grey text.

Copy and paste

You can now copy and paste:

  • cell values from one Anaplan new User Experience (UX) worksheet to another.
  • single cells (copying regions will be supported in a later release).

Additionally, you can also select:

  • a single cell, and paste your copied value into it.
  • a region of cells, and your pasted value will repeat across all applicable cells.

We value your input! To leave feedback at any time, click Feedback in the navigation bar, then select Feedback.

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