New UX - August 20, 2019 What's New!

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Today's release brings some awesome new features that makes building and planning even more exciting in the New UX.

Cell History


Cell history functionality is now available on all worksheets.

  • Just make a selection in your primary grid and use the Cell history icon in the grid toolbar to display changes over:
    • The last 24 hours
    • The last 7 days
    • The last 30 days
    • All time
  • You can also view cell change history over custom time ranges.
  • Currently, this feature shows only the last 1,000 changes made.


KPI Card Number Scaling


  • Page builders can now further tailor their KPI cards to show users the right level of detail when displaying numbers.
  • Three new numbering options have been added to the KPI card designer:
    • With no number scaling — 1,830,012
    • Scaled to thousands — 1,830K
    • Scaled to millions — 1.8M


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