New UX - August 27, 2019 What's New!

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Today's release brings some awesome new features that makes building and planning even more exciting in the New UX.

Quick Sum Bar

  • You can now quickly calculate a number of summary values based on the cells you have selected in your grids
  • The quick-sum bar is available on both worksheets and boards and provides:
    • Count: the number of cells in your grid selection
    • Min: the lowest value in your selection
    • Max: the largest value in your selection
    • Average: the average value of all of the cells in your selection
    • Sum: the total of all of the cells in your selection
  • The quick-sum bar also includes clear warnings if your selection cannot be used to calculate values or if your selection contains too much data to be calculated


Cross-Module Filtering in View Designer

  • Page Builders can quickly and easily use data in other modules when creating filters in your custom views
  • These filters unlock the power of filter modules and user filters


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