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Today's release brings some awesome new features that makes building and planning even more exciting in the New UX.

Quick Sum Bar

  • You can now quickly calculate a number of summary values based on the cells you have selected in your grids
  • The quick-sum bar is available on both worksheets and boards and provides:
    • Count: the number of cells in your grid selection
    • Min: the lowest value in your selection
    • Max: the largest value in your selection
    • Average: the average value of all of the cells in your selection
    • Sum: the total of all of the cells in your selection
  • The quick-sum bar also includes clear warnings if your selection cannot be used to calculate values or if your selection contains too much data to be calculated

Three cells are selected in a grid card titled Regional Sales Targets on a board. Summary values for this selection are displayed in the bottom-right corner of the board.

Cross-Module Filtering in View Designer

  • Page Builders can quickly and easily use data in other modules when creating filters in your custom views
  • These filters unlock the power of filter modules and user filters

A worksheet with a grid card in the Additional insights panel titled Product filter. This contains several checkboxes allowing you to filter the data displayed on the worksheet.

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Great to see that useful features of classic making their way into New UX!

Before I check it out is the filtering piece automatic or does the page require refreshing?