New UX - December 12, 2019 What's New!

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Conditional formatting: Border style


  • Conditional formatting is a great way to communicate the meaning of your values to your end users, but it isn't always easy to read the cell text when the background has a color applied.
  • We've added Border, a new Style option for when you configure your rules in your custom view.
  • When you apply the Border style, your conditional formatting colors are still applied to the cells, but the text displays on a much paler background. This makes it easier to read the cell values.
  • This style gives you extra flexibility if you or any of your users require a higher level of visual contrast.

Conditional formatting: Morse style


  • In addition to Border, we've added a third Style option called Morse.
  • Morse differs from traditional conditional formatting. It doesn't change the background color of the cell; instead, it displays an in-cell element to indicate the cell value compared with your conditional formatting rules.
    • Cells that match, or are lower than, your minimum rule value display as a small dot.
    • Cells that match, or are greater than, your maximum rule value display as a long dash.
    • Cell values that fall between the minimum and maximum will scale proportionally, based on the value's location in the overall scale.
    • Each element also takes on the color that would normally be applied by the conditional formatting.
  • Not only is Morse great for providing an accessible, readable alternative to conditional formatting, but the scaling of the elements makes it easier to see trends and detect anomalies.

Home: Models page


  • You can now use the new Home experience to browse all of the models you have access to.
  • To access the models list, use either the Models link (in the blue header bar, top-right) or the View all models link, or click the Models title on the Home page.
  • When browsing your model list, you can sort (by clicking the list headings) and filter, as well as search for the model you'd like to open.
  • To switch back to the original models list, just select Models from the main navigation menu.

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