New UX - June 6, 2019 What's New!

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Add an action card

Page builders can now add action cards to pages.

Action cards contain processes for users to complete.

For example, the action card might contain two buttons — one to import data, and one to process it.

To complete the process, the user just clicks each button in turn.

Learn how to add an action card.



Default a card

There' a new setting in Worksheet designer!

This one enables you to default a card to display in the bottom section of your worksheet upon loading.

Page builders can make the most relevant card available to end users upon loading — which means they can get to their work right away!

The initial setting is for card previews only, but we'll also add it for Additional insights links shortly.



Create custom views

This is a new feature for any page builders reading this. You can now tailor and shape your modules for use within the New UX. You no longer need to go back to the original model to create more saved module views. Everything you've already built based on your saved module views will continue to work as before.

Use these tools to make your custom views in the new UX:



They enable you to pivotfiltersort and show:

  • pivot: Use a drag-and-drop interface to place your dimensions on rows, columns or set as context selectors


  • filter: Use a combination of different filter rules to enable specific and targeted grids, and easily create data views


  • sort: Use the same, easy-to-use sort settings that end users have


  • show: show specifically selected line items or list items to tailor your grid data even more


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