New UX - Sep 17, 2019 What's New!

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Level-based show

When creating custom views for your grids or charts you can now change what content is shown based on level. This enables you to quickly hide items in your lists to show rolled-up totals and summaries.

  • When working with lists, choose between details and summaries.
  • When working with composite lists, choose which specific levels of your list to show.
  • When working with line items, choose whether to show summary line items.


You can still further fine tune the data to show by picking specific items in your list.

New for the New UX: Level-based show on time!

Do you find yourself building grids of quarterly and end-of-year summary totals or charts of month-based data with quarters and totals hidden? Level-based show enables you to quickly hide months or rolled up summaries without rebuilding views and dashboard components!


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@davewaller - awesome being able to hide those pesky roll-ups on time - no more 'week?' boolean! When will pivoting changes not impact the other changes you might've made? And also have the context selector so that you can selector detail or summary?

Being able to easily hide off line items, without resorting to a saved view, is going help move forward our adoption.


Thanks Dave for the update.

The best part of level base show in NUX is the search option which is an addition to level select. i.e. after selection of level you can still filter a single element by search option and everything in one go.Capture.JPG