New UX - Sep 23, 2019 What's New!

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Today's release introduces several much anticipated features:

  • Field cards: Publish a line item or multiple line items as fields on a Board or Worksheet
  • Forms: List subset support: Use a Form to add a List Subset
  • Waterfall charts: Visualize your data in a Waterfall chart


Field card

Page builders can now use a field card to select one or more line items to publish to a page.


You can use a field card to focus the attention of users on a selected line items. If the line item is editable, users can edit the data and see their changes reflected throughout the app, and any other app that is linked to the same model.


threshold-field-card-release-notes (1).png


When users edit a field, the data updates, in real time, anywhere the value displays or is used in a calculation. Any charts that rely on the data are updated, and where the change affects conditional formatting, this updates, too. Decision making for your business is more informed as the implications for the change are visible.



Use a field card to drive change on a board

On the board in this example, the grid displays the target revenue by region (Target), the current planned revenue for each region (Plan), and the percentage difference between the two (Delta). A field card displays the line item Threshold. This line item allows users to set a percentage threshold that Delta should meet. Conditional formatting is applied to the Delta column, so that when the threshold for a region is not met, the Delta cell for that region is highlighted in red.




For example, if we change the threshold from 20% to 30%, the cells for the Delta values for EMEA and APAC change to red as Delta is not meeting the threshold for these regions.




Use a field card to drive change on a worksheet

In this worksheet, a grid displays the gross margin for the previous year (Prior Year), the increase target for the current year in dollars (Initial Target), and percentage increase (Initial Target %). These are each broken down by geographic region: USA, EMEA, and APAC. A field card displays the line item GM Target %, which allows you to set the target for gross margin increase.




When you change the GM Target % value from 10% to 20% the related values in the grid update. For example, EMEA's target increase changes from $7,751,208 to $15,502,415.




Work with field cards

To create a field card, simply:

  1. Drag the field card on to a board or worksheet.
  2. Select the module and line items you want to display.




Learn more about how to add a field card to a board or worksheet, and how to use the field card.


List subsets in forms

Forms now support adding items to list subsets, increasing the number of ways that users can interact with your data.

Learn more about configuring forms.


Waterfall charts

A much-requested feature, waterfall charts are a great way of showing what has resulted in a specific value in your data.


Waterfall-chart-example (1).png


Waterfall charts include settings to:

  • Suppress zero values
  • Change increment, decrement and total colors
  • Set the first bar as a starting total


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