New UX Update - 23rd May - Forms!

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You can now add new items to lists via a web form. Users are empowered to add new products, cost centres, projects and more, enhancing the planning process.



  • Add new list items with ease by completing a short form in a worksheet.


  • Create a form using Edit toolbar actions — select the list you want to add items to and the properties that can be entered by users to complete the form.



  • Reuse the same form across multiple pages.

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New Contributor

Is it possible to add an item in a subset rather than in a list?

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@michel_morel_2  subsets are currently not supported in the initial version but it is something we want to add in the future.

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@sprender Is there a way to synchronize with the parent level based on the item you are creating?  (ie the cost center you are adding the item in would synch with the worksheet page selector).  In the current UX we can publish a grid at the top (with parent list dimension), then + item, and the synchronization is already in place.  

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@jnoone unfortunately this isn't possible currently. The user has to select the parent as part of the Form. It is something we want to add in the future to improve the user flow.

New Contributor

Is there a way of deleting an item from a list as well?

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@rikdebruyn to delete a list item currently in the New UX you need to wrap the delete action in a Process which can then be called from the New UX either via the toolbar in Worksheets or an Action Card. We are working on delete list items currently and expect this to be available in the next week or so.

New Contributor

Does the same go for assignment and deletion of a branch?