New UX Update - 3rd June - Tooltips!


In the New User Experience (NUX), we've added another exciting enhancement to how you present your data.

Add a tooltip

Page builders can now add tooltips to their cards.

Tooltips display when an end user hovers their cursor over a blue 'i' icon.

This is useful for giving end users navigational advice, or further information to contextualize their data.

For example, you could explain the relationship between the cards on a page.

Learn how to add a tooltip


New Contributor

Great feature, but it would be nice if the icon would show up when either the Title or the Description are populated.  We may not want to have a title show up on the page and only have the blue icon, but in order for the icon to be visible, there must be something in the title.  


Thanks Kevin, I captured this in our session yesterday and will be sure to review this with the team.