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We're excited to announce the latest update will now allow you to sort and filter the primary grid in a worksheet, so you can quickly find the data that you are interested in. 

  • Filter a worksheet
  • Sort a worksheet
  • Other improvements


Filter a worksheet

Filters enable you to show or hide your data depending upon its contents.

To filter data in a worksheet, select the row or column you wish to filter, then click the filter icon (a funnel) on the toolbar. This displays the filter Summary panel where you can add your filter criteria.

Filtering is supported for all data types (numeric, text, list, date, and Boolean). Read our full guidance on how to Filter the data in a grid on a worksheet.




Sort a worksheet

Sort your data to arrange values in ascending or descending order, enabling you to see things such as top performers or struggling products.

To sort data in a worksheet select the row or column that you wish to filter, then click the sort icon (arrows going both up and down) on the toolbar and click your desired type of sort in the dropdown.

Read the full guidance on how to Sort the data in a grid on a worksheet.



Other improvements

This release also includes minor improvements and bug fixes to ensure a smoother and more intuitive user experience.


We value your input! To leave feedback at any time, click Feedback in the navigation bar, then select Feedback.

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