New UX - What's New! November 25, 2019

Regular Contributor

Today's release introduces some exciting new methods to format and interact with your data:


  • Conditional formatting
  • Worksheet grid context menu
  • Board layout updates
  • Context selector levels
  • Share pages icon
  • Plot trailing zeros setting on charts


Conditional formatting

  • You can now configure conditional formatting for your custom views within the New User Experience (UX), without needing to save a view in the source model. 
  • In the coming weeks, we will introduce additional formatting styles to enable you to make your worksheets more accessible and easier to read.  



Worksheet context menu

  • A new context menu can be accessed by right-clicking list items on worksheets, helping you interact with your data more efficiently. These options include the ability to:
    • Copy & Paste
    • Rename, which enables you to rename a list item.
    • Delete, which enables you to delete a list item.
    • Change Parent, which enables you to change the parent of a list item.
    • Show history, show the previous updates of a cell value.



Board layout updates

  • When you adjust the height of cards on your boards in design mode, these changes are visible to end users. This is ideal for using text cards as titles for other cards on your boards.
  • When you change the width of columns in grid cards, your changes save and persists between your sessions. This is especially useful if one of your columns is designed for end users to enter text or commentaries into a grid.



Context selector levels

  • When designing a page, you can change the levels of a list that can be selected in a context selector, including time. This makes it easier to create charts and grids, as you don't need to manually hide time summaries.



Share pages

  • You can now share an app page more easily by clicking the share page icon and copying the shared link.



Plot trailing zeros setting on charts 

  • We have introduced a new setting that enables you to plot trailing zeros on your charts. By default, Anaplan does not plot trailing zeros, as they could be misleading if the data simply hasn't been loaded. However, there are some cases in which you might want to plot trailing zeros in your charts.

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