New UX updates

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The latest update to the new UX allows you to add a Chart to the main section of a worksheet as well as make it easier to create a range of charts. It also gives you the ability to hide card selectors for cards that you don’t want end users to change.

Adding a Chart to a worksheet

You can now maximise a chart or any card within the insights panel to the main worksheet. This gives you a clearer maximised view of your charts, so you can see the impact of updates you make.image2019-3-7_16-18-13.png

Chart Improvements

New options are available when creating a chart card. These allow you to quickly create a column, line, area or dot chart using all of your data series.

Charts within a combination chart are now reordered to increase visibility — area charts are displayed at the back with column, line and dot charts overlaid in front.

Card Designer Improvements

Hide or disable a card selector that is not synchronized with a page. The new options available for card selectors are:

  • off, which removes the selector from the card entirely.
  • label, which displays the name of the dimension that is displayed on the card.
  • selector, which leaves the selector on the card, meaning that end users can select and view other dimensions on the card.

Other Updates

Assign a category to a page upon creation.

View and access a page’s source model through the page options menu while in design mode.

The column width of grids specified in a source model is now retained in the new UX.

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