November 2020 Releases and December Sneak Peek

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Released in November


  • Commenting on cards: We released commenting across both web and mobile for board cards. Now you can have discussions in full context of Anaplan data with a different conversation thread per context selection.

Commenting Mobile.pngCommenting Web.png



We released Phase 2 for two new versions of Microsoft Office Extensions, both available for download on Anapedia. Phase 3 will come in December.

  • Excel Add-in 4.1 and PowerPoint Add-in 1.7: These Add-ins are fully compatible with Self-Service SAML for all new and existing customers.
  • Google Sheets Add-on GA: Connect Google Sheets to a module saved view in read-only or read/write to contribute to Anaplan from Google Sheets. Create reports and ad-hoc analysis in minutes.

UX Updates

Leverage UX ALM to associate dev and prod models with pagesNew functionality enables a single page to support application lifecycle flows without requiring separate development and production apps. Please take a look at the updated best-practices blog on the Anaplan Community for more information on how to leverage the new UX ALM capabilities. Specifically, where you have access to models, you can:

  • Reorder items in View Designer: You can now reorder Line Items, Time, Versions, Lists, List Subsets, and Line Item Subsets in View Designer. This allows the builder to reorder line items directly in the UX without using Saved Module Views or navigating back to the model. This provides more efficient build time and enables access to more functionality with custom views in the UX. 

Picture 3.png

Visualization Updates

The hierarchy filter is now available on the Maps, Gantt, and Scatter/Bubble chart:

  • Maps: Drill into different areas in the region hierarchy in conjunction with the “Show only matched items” setting.

  • Gantt: Drill down on specific projects or tasks in a large program hierarchy.

  • Scatter/Bubble: Drill down on a product or opportunity hierarchy to only see bubbles/points for that area, making the results clearer.


Extensibility Updates

  • Transactional APIs: New Anaplan data integration APIs will export cell data without using actions, and will allow users to access model metadata and update model calendar time period.

  • Anaplan Connector for Power BI: Easily access self-service data visualization and analytics with Microsoft Power BI. Save time and resources by eliminating the need for IT involvement to setup a separate integration between Anaplan and Power BI.

Ideas Delivered in November


Targeted for December

Disclaimer:  Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.
New Transactional APIs

We’re excited to release a new batch of Transactional APIs that will include new capabilities for you glean new insights about data and make targeted updates. New APIs will include the ability to: 

    • Report on model space consumption to make better-informed decisions about models.

    • Monitor model objects for changes and updates. 

    • Make API calls at regular intervals to understand changes in model lists. 

New APIs.png

Anaplan Connector for Informatica Update

 We’re happy to announce an upcoming update release of the Anaplan Connector for Informatica. This will be included with the Informatica IICS December 2020 release. The updated connector includes multiple enhancements for a better integration experience with Anaplan. The connector addresses improves authentication for long running integration jobs and adds retry logic for additional integration use cases. Key improvements to the connector include: 

  • Expanded retry logic to retry errors on Anaplan REST API calls 
  • The ability to refresh authentication tokens with long running integrations 
  • More concise logging within the Informatica Secure Agent 
  • Support for file compression when uploading files to Anaplan  
  • The ability to download error dump files from processes  
  • Fully configurable Anaplan API and authorization URLs (for future use)


  • Action cards: We have been working hard to deliver Actions for mobile, which is targeted for December. You will be able to trigger notify actions, imports, and processes that do not require files via mobile.

Admin Console

  • Workspace usage: We are giving administrators a 360 degree view into the percentage utilization of all tenant workspaces. This feature is still available in the HyperCare reporting model but will soon also surfaced in the administrator console. Updates to size are made every 15 minutes so administrators can have an up-to-date view on their workspace usage.

Admin Console 1.png

  • Remove Self-Service SAML connections: Security administrators will be able to delete SS SAML connections from the administrator console. This will allow administrators to remove any connections made to an identity provider that are no longer needed.

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