October 2020 Releases and November Sneak Peek

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Released in October

Extensibility Updates

  • Introducing Anaplan CloudWorks: Anaplan CloudWorks simplifies the data integration processes, making access to new data sources and services fast and intuitive. With CloudWorks, business users can access a wider set of data via an easy-to-navigate application user interface to help make more agile, informed plans and decisions.

UX Updates

  • Updates to the way forms behave in the UX: We have updated how forms work in the UX. Previously, forms were associated with models and the same instance of the form could be reused/shared many times across different pages built on top of the same model. Now, all new and existing existing forms on pages are standalone. These changes have been made to support upcoming UX ALM capabilities to change a page source model depending on its application lifecycle phase. When added to a page, the form will be able to support all models associated with the page.

UX Forms.png

  • Updates to the config in design mode: Grid, Text and Image cards are now configured in the right hand panel. This brings them in to line with Chart and KPI cards and improves builder efficiency as it saves going in and out of the card designer modal to make changes.
  • Page settings updates: Page settings have been combined into a single experience. You can use Page settings to edit the page title, manage access to the page, change the source model, or revert a draft page to the published version.

Page Settings Update 1.pngPage settings Update 2.png

  • Filter line items in view designer: Page builders can now apply filter rules to line items in view designer. Similar to Classic, the filter assumes all line items are numeric when applying the filter, so any non-numeric data types are filtered out when the filter is applied.

  • Updates to cards that use the hierarchy filter: We’ve updated the way hierarchy filters on boards work in order to provide a smoother analysis and data-consumption flow for users. When using the hierarchy filter on a board, the item you click on will retain its view of the data while syncing all of the other cards on the page.

  • Extensions: We released Phase 1 for two new versions of our Microsoft Office Extensions via our feedback group. Phases 2 and 3 will come in November.

    • Excel Add-in 4.1 and PowerPoint Add-in 1.7: Our Add-ins are now fully compatible with Self-Service SAML for all new and existing customers.

    • End of support of Office 2010: As previously announced, Office 2010 users will still be able to use the Office Add-ins and Anaplan Support will still assist you with queries. However, no further development work will be done to support issues specific to Office 2010.

Ideas Delivered in October


Targeted for November

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.

UX Updates

  • Re-order items: We’re introducing the option to re-order line items, lists, and time directly in the UX via custom views. This removes the need to use saved module views in Classic to re-order items, allowing you to do everything directly in the UX.

  • Leverage UX ALM to associate dev and prod models with pages: Upcoming features will enable a single page to support application lifecycle workflows without requiring separate development and production apps. Specifically, where you have access to models, you can:

    • Choose between different source models associated with a page.

    • Associate multiple models with a page so you can switch the source model of a page as part of an application lifecycle. For example, Dev, Prod 1, Prod 2, etc.

    • Make draft page changes against a development model and save before publishing to the production model or models.

Board Page Settings 1.pngBoard Page Settings 2.png



  • Collaboration:

    • Commenting: On November 5, commenting on board cards will be available across Web and Mobile. Have discussions in full context of Anaplan data with a different conversation thread per context selection, and collaborate from anywhere with commenting on the mobile app
  • Mobile:
    • Action cards: Use the mobile app to trigger a notify action, or a process which does not require an import or export.

  • Extensions:

    • Phase 2 and 3 for PowerPoint Add-in 1.7 and Excel Add-in 4.1: Phase 2 includes Anapedia downloads, and Phase 3 includes pop-up notifications for all PowerPoint Add-ins and Excel Add-in series 3, as well as discrete ribbon notifications for the Excel Add-in 4.0.

    • Google Sheets Add-on GA: connect your Google Sheets to a module saved view in read-only or read/write to contribute to Anaplan from Google Sheets. Create reports and ad-hoc analysis in minutes.

Admin Console Enhancements

  • Workspace usage: Gain visibility into Workspace percent utilization in near real-time. Administrators can view usage across the tenant.

  • Users on the UX: In the spirit of bringing the Classic and UX experiences closer together, we are releasing a new users page. The functionality will be at parity with the Classic users page.

  • Self-Service SAML enhancements: To simplify the security admin’s SSO setup, we’re enhancing the workspace selection to only include workspaces that are not associated to another identity provider.

  • CloudWorks Audit: Audit events for CloudWorks will be made available in the admin’s audit feature.


  • Transactional APIs: New Anaplan data integration APIs will export cell data without using actions, and will allow users to access model metadata and update model calendar time period.

  • Anaplan Connector for Power BI: Connect directly to Anaplan from within Power BI Desktop and export Anaplan data for enhanced visualizations. Save time and resources by eliminating the need for IT involvement to setup a separate integration.

  • Anaplan Connector for Informatica: The updated Anaplan Connector for Informatica will include feature enhancements. Updates will enable retries on Anaplan errors, fix integration issues during long running jobs, enhance performance for file uploads, allow for download of error files for imports, and deliver concise log files.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • November 14: Platform offline: Product Enhancements

  • November 21: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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