Prepare better for the future with embedded intelligent analysis in PlanIQ

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PlanIQ empowers users to plan across a variety of scenarios quickly and effectively with automation and repeatability, delivering fast time to value and cost savings. Seasonality and trend analysis and backtest results are now available in PlanIQ, giving you a better understanding of your data and improving forward-facing plans.

How does it work?

Seasonality and trend analysis: PlanIQ automatically breaks down your historical data behind the scenes, spotting relationships between the data over time. This information is then added to your results module so that you can view the seasonality and trend decomposition along-side your forecasts in your boards, worksheets, and report pages. Report on seasonality and trends in your historical data to help teams understand forecasts. 

Backtest results: See the results of the forecast engine tests—aka backtest results—to determine strategy effectiveness and drive forecast confidence. With the click of a button, add backtest results to your results module to gain visibility into how PlanIQ generated your forecasts.

Want to learn more?

Check out the following content for more details about PlanIQ or speak with your account team to get a demo.