SS OAuth: Industry-standard protection to fortify, streamline integrations


Self-service (SS) OAuth is now available as an optional feature for tenant security administrators to enable in the Anaplan platform!

SS OAuth is an industry-standard protocol for authorization delegation. It lets tenant security administrators share resources with a third-party client application without exposing privileged credentials or maintaining certificates.

Simple to use and easy to configure, tenant administrators can enable SS OAuth to establish secure, frictionless integrations with Anaplan APIs.

With SS OAuth, developers can:

  • Build trusted integrations to Anaplan APIs using the de facto industry standard for delegated authorization
  • Securely establish integrations to third-party applications without maintaining certificates or exposing privileged credentials
  • Secure perpetual access to protected resources, aligning token rules and behaviors with organizational requirements

Enabling SS OAuth in AnaplanEnabling SS OAuth in Anaplan



Additional features and capabilities include:

Configuration and flow types: Select from different flow types, such as the authorization code grant and device grant, to create the appropriate OAuth client for each use case

Creating an OAuth clientCreating an OAuth client

Client and tokens: Refresh and access tokens are used to securely connect to Anaplan APIs to manage authentication, authorization, and access

Managing refresh and access tokensManaging refresh and access tokens


Access and devices: Token behavior and lifetime rules are set by the Tenant Security Admin for greater governance and compliance. Clients can be disabled by the Tenant Security Admin to deny services and prevent undesirable user activity at any time.

Rotating the client secretRotating the client secret


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