September 2021 Releases and October Sneak Peek

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Platform enhancements released in September

Planning & Modeling

New Modeling Experience:

NMX 1.png

User Experience

  • Pasting into breakback line items: See cell indicators when using breakback in UX grids, similar to those in Classic dashboards. Easily paste values into breakback summary cells and automatically update detail cells in real time.

UX 1.png


  • Reset column widths: Easily reset column widths back to the default size in the page designer for a unified, consistent look and feel.

  • My page filters, sorts, and pivots persisted: Any filters, sorts, or pivots applied to a page are now persisted for a user if saved as a personal page. The settings are saved in the browser local storage to help users quickly jump back into their specific data in the plan.

  • Conditional formatting update: Support for more than three color thresholds with conditional formatting is now available! This means users can set more colors to highlight the different values in grids or KPIs. Custom colors can be added in addition to selecting from the pre-canned palette colors. Use the new gradient threshold bar in the designer panel to see the gradient color split.

UX 2.png


  • Customizable action buttons: Page builders are now able to customize action buttons with colors, styles, and icons to create clearly visible calls to action for end users, providing them with an even more intuitive experience.

UX 3.png


  • Context-aware links in Notify Action emails: Encode page context into Notify Action email links, ensuring when the user clicks the link they land on the correct page with the exact same context pre-set for them.

  • New data write action button: A new action button that allow users to write a predefined value into a nominated line item with the click of the button.

UX 4.png


Discover new Management Reporting enhancements:

  • Card title and context color: Set the title color of any card. This is particularly helpful when working with a report page with a dark background, but is available on all cards for all page types.

  • Context selections persisted: Any context selection for a report is persisted for the users in the their browser local storage. For example, if a user selects EMEA in their report, the selection will remain when logging in/out of the same browser.

  • PDF context selection on export: Select the most relevant context of the report to export and share with colleagues.

  • Additional text size option for Text cards: Support for larger text size has been added with the addition of two options for Title and Subtitle allowing users to increase the size of text for their report titles.


PlanIQ enhancements:

  • Improved sorting in the forecast model and forecast action views: Sort on any column, making it easier to search through forecast objects to find the best one to use.

Platform updates targeted for October

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.

Planning & Modeling

New Modeling Experience:

  • Pages experience: Model builders can see a list of Pages built on top of the current model they are working on within the modeling experience, and quickly navigate to them in the UX.

  • Formula indentation: Apply indentation formatting when opening formulas in the formula editor.

User Experience

  • Favorite apps on Home: Users will be able to mark their regularly used apps as favorites, giving them priority in their lists of available apps.

  • In-product notifications on mobile: In-product notifications will soon be displayed on mobile so users can stay on top of discussions from anywhere.

  • Open source module (Worksheets): Navigate directly from a UX card to the underlying module in the model, allowing users to quickly find the data source. This is will be available for Worksheets as well as all other cards for users who have enabled the New Modelling Experience.

Management Reporting enhancements:

  • Enhanced formatting for row and column headers in presentation tables: This includes formatting time and line item summaries, enabling the report builder to highlight and emphasize key sub totals and summaries.

  • Presentation table image support: Add images to the presentation table to enhance the look and feel of the report.

  • Share a report: Share a report with any user in Anaplan via email.

  • Report PDF export: Users can choose the slides in their reports they want exports as a PDFs.

  • Text card font size: Increased flexibility on controlling the text size within Text cards on a report.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • October 16: Platform offline: Infrastructure update
  • October 23: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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