Simplifying user identity management just got easier with SCIM APIs

Regular Contributor

Anaplan System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) application programming interfaces (APIs) are the next step in the development of our Central Identity Management (CIM) features. These are REST-based APIs that can be used to integrate Anaplan and a SCIM-compliant identity source, such as Okta.

Designed to simplify user management, SCIM APIs allow customers to integrate directly with their primary sources of user identity and leverage their existing application provisioning policies, tools, and teams. SCIM APIs deliver tremendous value for identity management and security:

  • One source of truth for identities: Easily synchronize identity management with Anaplan, eliminating the need for multiple manual updates.
  • Manageable and compliant: Enable best practices for compliance around segregation of duties and audit visibility. Support enterprise compliance requirements with robust tools, APIs, and third-party integrations.
  • Simple and efficient: Simplify and streamline user identity and access management to save time and costs.

SCIM APIs will allow customers to create users more easily in Anaplan, assign workspaces, and apply simple changes. SCIM APIs will make user management in Anaplan faster, easier, and more economical. Now, you can use SCIM APIs to:

  • Create and update users and assign them to or remove them from workspaces through SCIM APIs
  • Deactivate users in a tenant



See the security overview brief for more information. For a deeper dive and a chance to chat SCIM APIs with colleagues, visit the Developer Hub