Status Page enhancements and Release Calendar updates

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As part of our goal to increase customer transparency into platform activities, we’re enhancing the way we share information about planned events, including scheduled maintenance windows or releases. We’re excited to announce updates to the Status Page and share the 2022 release calendar, which have been created based on customer feedback.

Status Page updates

Status Page enhancements will be rolled out December, 10th, 2021, to provide more granular detail about both planned and unplanned platform downtimes.

Upcoming enhancements

  • More granularity at data center level: The Status Page will soon detail out data centers and cloud by region. For example, if a planned maintenance or unexpected outage were to only affect U.S. West customers, only this region would receive a Status Page and email notification.


  • Platform sub-components listed within each data center: Each data center will list the specific platform components that are affected by the downtime. For example, scheduled platform maintenance downtimes will list all platform components as under maintenance during those events. However, an unplanned outage may list only ‘Anaplan Data Center - US East’ with the sub-component ‘Intelligence Capabilities’ as unavailable. Each component is accompanied by a tool tip that users can click on for more details about that part of the platform.

Datacenter Details.png


Is any action required?

No, if you're already subscribed to the Status Page, you’ll be automatically assigned to a new instance by region.

If you want to subscribe to the Status Page, you can do so via the button on the status page. If you’re unsure which region you should subscribe to, please do not contact Support. You can reach out to your Anaplan Business Partner who will be able to help you.

2022 platform release calendar

We’re also happy to share that our 2022 platform release calendar is live. These dates are based on the valuable feedback that you and other customers have shared with us, which has influenced the 2022 maintenance schedule.

Our scheduled maintenance windows are designed to deliver an optimal customer experience with the release of platform enhancements and new features, while minimizing customer disruption. We’re looking forward to a new year of innovation and taking your planning experience to new heights!