The New UX and Mobile app are now in GA!

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Disclaimer: Note that the information here is subject to change right up until the release is live; subscribe and check back frequently for the latest.

The New UX and the Mobile app are now in General Availability. This means that's it's fully supported and has a bunch of great new features! It also means that the Mobile app is now downloadable from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Remember, the mobile app automatically renders the pages that are built in the New UX with no editing required! Make sure that you have some pages built out in the New UX to get the full value from the mobile app. 

Check out the latest New UX features:


Field cards: Publish a line item or multiple line items as fields on a Board or Worksheet

You can use a field card to focus the attention of users on selected line items. If the line item is editable, users can edit the data and see their changes reflected throughout the app, as well as any other app that is linked to the same model.

Use a field card | Build a field card

Waterfall Charts

A highly requested feature, waterfall charts are an impactful way to show what has resulted in a specific value in your data.

Build a waterfall chart

Export data from a current view

You can sort and filter data on a worksheet to see the information that matters most to you. With the new Export-This-View option on worksheets, you can export a view that you have sorted or filtered in a variety of formats—ready to share or for use within another system.

Export your current view

Show selected levels with a custom view

When creating custom views for your grids or charts, you can now change the content shown based on level. This enables you to quickly hide items in your lists to show rolled-up totals and summaries.

Learn more

Multi-select filter

It's now possible to easily select or deselect multiple list-formatted line items when filtering, making it easier to see the data you need!

Add a filter on a grid

List subsets in forms

Forms now support adding items to list subsets, which increases the many ways that users can interact with your data.

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