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In the times of increasing uncertainty, business leaders and key-decision makers must be ready for any type of change. Namely, they must be able to derive rich insights from their plans, iterate, ideate, and act on those insights, driving towards an autonomous enterprise.

Crafting a compelling narrative with data hinges on leveraging up-to-date data from across the entire enterprise. This requires a unified platform with intuitive navigation and interface to make reporting truly accessible to all business users. To help them do so, Anaplan equips decision-makers with a suite of reporting tools, to empower them to confidently engage and partner with fellow decision-makers to accelerate operational execution and drive positive outcomes.

The advanced reporting capabilities in Anaplan are powered by a seamless user experience, rich self-service reporting capabilities with “Management Reporting”, and extensions to analyze and report with Anaplan data in Microsoft Office or Google Sheets.

We continue to enhance these features and are excited to announce two new capabilities that further enable users to make better faster decisions.

    • Management Reporting now offers “Variance Reporting” for quick variance analysis as absolute value or percentage. This enables face-of-the report variance calculations without modifying the underlying model, further democratizing access to pixel-perfect reporting, all within Anaplan.
  • Anaplan for Microsoft 365 (AM365) offers a new way to interact with Microsoft Office tools like Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Designed to bridge the Anaplan user experience and Microsoft 365 applications, these brand-new extensions enable users to perform fast, flexible ad-hoc analysis and reporting, by leveraging Anaplan UX cards and templates, driving consistency and speed of decision making, while leveraging Anaplan as the single source of planning truth. This new extension is available for download from the Office Add-in Store, click here to learn how to install it.

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