Upcoming Product Enhancements

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Disclaimer: Note that the information here is subject to change right up until the release is live; subscribe and check back frequently for the latest.

You asked, we listened!  We have developed new access control management for Anaplan’s new UX, which allows you to choose the pages your users have access to. We are targeting to roll out this new functionality in Q4 2019. 

To facilitate this change, we will be making no-downtime updates to the platform with a sequenced rollout across our data centers. These updates will take place during the following window: Monday November 25 - Friday November 29 2019

As part of these updates, customers may experience a one-time slow-down in their model performance. This will happen either when the meta data in the model changes, when the model is opened, or when the users are changed (import, add, delete). This can also apply to archived models when they are removed from archive and opened for the first time. 

For the majority of customers, the one-time slow-down will be less than a minute. However, for larger models with many users, the one-time processing time could be up to 15 minutes in very extreme cases. This is a one-time occurrence and it will not affect model performance going forward.