Updated capabilities for Anaplan Connect

Community Boss
Users can install Anaplan Connect on a dedicated computer or server behind their network firewall and begin to write and execute integration scripts. Anaplan Connect is flexible, having scripts that can be scheduled using either a user’s primary operating system or a third-party system.
We've refreshed and given Anaplan Connect some added capabilities, including support for our latest set of APIs. New features include: 
  • Supports using Workspace & Models names, along with IDs, in integration scripts, thus making your integration scripts more readable and portable.
  • Display lists of workspaces along with space allocated and space used (bytes) - helps to automatically determine overall space consumed and remaining space in workspace
  • Display lists of models and space used (bytes) - helps to automatically determine over space consumed
  • Get a complete list of modules and saved views within your model
  • Display detailed metrics for model Lists - helps to automatically answer questions such as how many Lists are present, which Lists are numbered Lists, what is current Index value of Numbered Lists, customer properties and data types and much more.
  • Read data from Module views without using Export actions (up to 1M items). You can provide name of Module & View to read the data to directly read cell data.
  • Read items from  model lists without using export actions (up to 1M items). You can provide name of List to directly read data.
  • Bug fixes
Anaplan Connect is free to download here. Please refer to Anapedia for more information. 
Anaplan Connect script - read list of Views in model.png