Updates to the Anaplan Connector for DocuSign

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A new version of the Anaplan Connector for DocuSign has been released and is now available! New enhancements to the connector help further streamline sending and approving documents with DocuSign.
Key improvements include the ability to:
  • Easily download and save logs of sent documents offline review
  • Delete old and unused Envelopes and Workflows, making it easier to view and manage all Envelopes and Workflows
  • Select documents from a Sent Workflow to cancel while allowing the other documents from the Sent Workflow to continue processing, increasing efficiency and transparency for users and administrators
  • Update document status in Anaplan when a document is sent to a recipient multiple times to see the latest status in the Anaplan model, making it easier to track a document in the Anaplan mode
For more information, see the Anapedia article or contact your Anaplan representative.