WHAT'S NEW! March 21, 2019

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The latest update for the new User Experience includes these enhancements:

Grids with column widths

In the new UX, grids will now retain the column widths specified in the underlying saved module view.

Search functionality 

You can now search for pages across all of your apps, making it easier to find the data you need. Pages in the current app will display at the top of your search results, with pages in other apps displayed below.


Chart colors

You can now choose from a wider range of colors when specifying a series color on a chart. This allows you to assign specific colors to certain series, or simply choose the most appropriate colors for your needs.


Page source improvements

The New UX now contains a page-level menu option. This enables you to see the source model name, and easily navigate to the model, where you can inspect any underlying module views.


Leave feedback

We have made it even easier for you to provide feedback on the new User Experience. To display our feedback form, click Feedback in the navigation bar, then select Feedback. Please keep your great feedback coming — we value your input!


Other improvements

You can now assign a page to a category when creating a page. This saves you time, as you no longer need to return to the App contents page to categorize pages after creating them.

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Look forward to seeing the column sizing in action!

And... #colourcolour

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*stands and applauds 

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On the column sizing piece - will this automatically work or do we need to go edit the grid and go back and repull? And when will headers over multiple rows occur... so the saved view in classic looks like it does in New UX