We’re Giving You More Choice About How You Receive News on Enhancements to the Anaplan Platform

Community Boss

This new set up will allow you to zero in on the types of updates you’d like to receive from us and the frequency with which you’d like to receive those updates.

  1. Releases: This blog will continue to house the monthly product update with a run through of all the features that we’ve added to the platform during the month and a sneak peek of what’s coming next month. If you were previously subscribed to the releases blog, you’ll continue to get notifications about this. Note that this blog no longer houses the Saturday downtime posts.

  2. Maintenance notifications: This blog will have all the updates about the Saturday downtime releases. Please subscribe to this blog if you would like to receives emails when a new blog about the Saturday downtime releases is posted.

  3. Feature Updates: This new blog will include regular and frequent short blog posts about new features when they are added to the platform. This will help you stay up to date with the latest additions and enhancements to the Anaplan platform as they happen.

You can subscribe to any combination of the blogs to receive email notifications.

We hope that this new set up will help you stay up to date with what you want and give you better control over your notifications from Anaplan.


I’d like to hear from you. Please message me directly to let me know your feedback about this new set up.