What's New: 13 December, 2017

Community Manager
This blog post details follow-up emergency maintenance from the December 9, 2017 Anaplan platform release. Details around the December 9 release, including all of the new product enhancements, can be found in the What's New: 9 December, 2017 blog post.

December 13 Release Update: The emergency maintenance was successfully completed today, and we have received feedback from customers indicating that they are no longer experiencing the import issue. Complete details around this emergency maintenance window are provided below.

Please note, if an import has been run since the release on December 9, 2017, there may be items in the target List which have either not been correctly updated, or have been added, but without the necessary Property information included. This is dependent on how the List import is configured.

Further issues may arise if the import is setup to match on a property or a combination of properties, as this may have added extra List items to the target List. This is due to the bug not importing the List item Properties after the release, and therefore subsequent runs of the import will not match on the List item Property/Properties.

If you have run any List imports in models since the release, in which the first list Property contains a formula, we ask that you check the Lists and properties to ensure all items and Property values are as expected.

If you are experiencing this or any other issue, please send an email to support@anaplan.com.

December 12 Release Update: As a follow-up to the import issue discovered after the December 9, 2017 platform release, Anaplan will make some updates to our platform on Wednesday, December 13, 2017, from 12:00 a.m. to approximately 3:00 a.m. PDT. During this maintenance window, you may experience momentary service disruptions while we perform these platform updates. The Anaplan platform will not be offline during this entire window.
We have developed permanent fixes for the import issues discovered earlier this week, and have successfully completed testing on these fixes today. Additional details regarding the forthcoming updates will be made available via email and the Anaplan community soon.

December 11 Release Update: We have identified an issue with the latest Anaplan update on Saturday, December 9, 2017, in which imports to Lists are failing to successfully import Properties. There are 2 circumstances in which this occurs:

1. The first occurs if the List being imported in to has a formula in the first Property, however, the completed import does not display the failures and therefore may go unoticed, see screenshot below:

2. The second occurs if the first Property of the target List is set to No Data. In this circumstance, the following error will occur: