What's New: 19 August 2017 Patch Release

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19 August, 2017

This patch release rolls out a number of bug fixes and minor improvements to existing functionality. 

What's in this release?



We've made further improvements to the STRICT / SEMISTRICT mode in LEAD and LAG functions. Previously, LEAD and LAG accepted the optional mode argument, ignored the given offset, and used the fill value. However, the calculation was not restricted to refer to only specific periods in SEMISTRICT / STRICT mode, which would avoid a circularity error in a self-referencing formula.

  • SEMISTRICT LEAD now references the current period and future periods
  • STRICT LEAD now references the future periods
  • SEMISTRICT LAG now references the current period and past periods
  • STRICT LAG now references the past periods

This allows a formula such as target = LAG(target, offset, fill, STRICT), where offset > 0, and avoids any circularity exceptions.

See more: LEAD, LAG

General Improvements

Text-link formatted Line Item disables hyperlink if '#' character is present

Previously, any hyperlink that included the '#' symbol did not register as a clickable URL. (This was a particular issue for users of Salesforce Chatter and Google Sheets, which frequently use the # symbol in URLs.) Now, hyperlinks that include the # symbol that are pasted into an Anaplan line item are recognized as clickable URLs.

Fixes and Known Issues

Issues Resolved

The following issues related to synchronizing model changes are resolved in this release:

1 If you remove a list or line item subset from a module's default dimensions and then delete the list or line item subset, the next sync will fail.
2 If you remove a list subset from a module's default dimensions and then add a LOOKUP formula to any line item, the next sync will fail. A similar issue occurs with several other formulas.

Known Issues and Workarounds

Known issues and workarounds have been identified for ALM and other general platform items in this release.

Learn more about these known issues and workarounds in the Known Issues and Workarounds: 19 August 2017 Patch Release article within the Anaplan Support Knowledge Base.