What's New: 2017.1

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11 March, 2017

The first Anaplan release of 2017 is here!

 In this release, you can choose or define a color palette to apply to charts, create a dropdown that supports dependent relationships and selective access, and view changes to source models in the model history.

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Reporting & Visualization

Chart Color Palette Enhancements

Administrators can now choose from a range of color palettes to apply to the charts in a model.

The Custom palette can be tailored to any range of colors, which is useful if you want to apply corporate branding. 

Custom chart palettes are configured for each individual model. Chart color palettes are available from Model Settings > Dashboards > View > Chart Palettes.


Reporting & Visualization.png

Where there are more than nine series in a chart, colors are repeated. If a new series is added to a chart, it adopts the next color in the sequence in the palette. When a series is removed, colors for all series are recalculated; they don't retain the colors they were originally assigned. 


It's easy to create your own custom color scheme for charts - click Edit Custom Palette and select from the palette presented or enter 6-digit hex codes. 


edit color palette.png

A chart color palette can be changed at any time. The colors are applied the next time the model is loaded.  

See more: Chart Palettes


Bar Chart Enhancement - Adjustable Y-axis Label

You can now view long labels on the Y-axis of a Bar Chart. 

Prior to this release, long labels were truncated, which could make them difficult to read:

bar chart 1.png


Now, chart labels are adjusted to fit without compromising the detail on the chart.

bar chart 2.pngIf there's not enough height on the y-axis for the label to wrap, the label is truncated and an ellipsis indicates that the label is longer than shown.  

See more: Bar Charts

Modeling & Usability

Dependent Dropdowns & Selective Access

Administrators can now create dropdowns that support dependent relationships and selective access.  

On the Format dialog, you can select both Filter check boxes: Dependent and Selective Access (selective access must be applied to the list first). 

modeling & usability.png

This provides a much finer level of granularity when configuring dropdown filtered picklists. 

See more: Selective Access and Dependent Relationships


Model History

The model change history now captures detail on re-mapped import sources.

When you:

  • add a new mapping
  • edit an existing mapping
  • remove a mapping

a specific change is now recorded in the change history table.

model history.png

Previously, these changes were recorded with the general description, Model change (no details available)

See more: Model History


Scientific notation no longer applied when editing numbers in a grid

When editing 7-digit line items of type Number that are not formatted as percentage, scientific notation is no longer applied. The original numbers are now retained in decimal notation.


Cookie Storage

Cookies store user-specific information such as responses to Don't ask me again options on confirmation dialogs. In this release, we've made some improvements to how cookies are stored, which means you won't be prompted confirm your choices as often.

Platform Support 

Supported Browsers

Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 are no longer supported.

If you're using IE9 or IE10, you can't log in to Anaplan or Anaplan Administration. A message confirms you're using a browser that Anaplan doesn't support. To continue, update to a supported browser.

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