What's New: Anaplan Connect 1.4

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We are pleased to announce general availability of Anaplan Connect v1.4 (AC 1.4). This new version of Anaplan Connect is based on Anaplan v2.0 Integration APIs, with support for public key certificates.

New and Updated Features

New and updated features in Anaplan Connect 1.4 include:

  • Use of the new and improved Anaplan v2.0 integration API
  • Enabling customers to use certificates, obtained from public Certificate Authorities, for Anaplan authentication
  • Enabling users to configure retry timeout and number of retries
  • Configurable chunk sizes for imports, ranging from 1 to 50 MB
  • Improved screen logging, including timestamp, classpath for debug lines, Linux process ID, and more
  • Better security and ease of querying using JDBCparameters moved to ”properties” file. 

Support for Certificate Authority (CA) Certificates in Authentication

Anaplan Connect 1.4 enables customers to use public key certificates obtained from a Certificate Authority (CA). You can purchase certificates from a CA that ends in a supported Root CA, and use these for authentication with Anaplan. Authentication using CA certificates is considered a best practice in the industry, allowing you to leverage the benefits of a public key infrastructure.  

Anaplan continues to support Anaplan Basic authentication, using a user ID and password. 

The Anaplan Connect 1.4 generates a token used in all subsequent API calls. Anaplan Connect 1.4 internally handles all steps necessary for authentication, including refreshing expired tokens. If you use CA authentication, you need only provide a link to your certificates in the Anaplan Connect 1.4 script batch files.

For more more information, see Administration: Certificates in Anapedia.

Enhanced Security - Run Integrations on your Tenant only

With Anaplan Connect 1.4, users can run API calls against your Tenant only. This change provides enhanced security. 


If you have to access Anaplan models across multiple tenants and want to run Anaplan Connect 1.4 integrations in these tenants, create different user IDs with different default Tenants and use these user IDs to run your integrations.

Note: Anaplan Connect 1.4 can only be used to run Integrations on your default Anaplan tenant.

Downloadable Anaplan Connect Client and Source Code

The Anaplan Connect 1.4 compiled client can be downloaded from Community. This ZIP file has the client JAR package and sample scripts to help you create your own scripts and get started with Anaplan Connect integrations. The source code can be downloaded from https://github.com/anaplaninc/anaplan-java-client.

Please note that only Anaplan compiled JAR is supported by Anaplan. The source code, on GitHub, is provided for reference to help you create your own custom integrations. The source code and modifications are not supported by Anaplan.

Proxy Authentication Workaround

If you experience issues with proxy authentication, please try switching to basic authentication for proxy or use an unauthenticated proxy. 

There is a known issue with proxy authentication where Anaplan Connect 1.4 throws an error if domain name and workstation parameters are not specified. If you don’t have a domain or workstation configured, provide a random string in the operators.

For example:  -viauser ‘aaa\bbb\user:password

Deprecated Features

The -workspaces and -models operators are deprecated and will be removed in the next release of Anaplan Connect.