What's New: Anaplan Integration API V2

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We are pleased to announce general availability of Anaplan Integration v2.0 APIs. These succeed the current v1.3 version of our APIs. Anaplan supports both the v2.0 and v1.3 APIs and customers can choose to work with either of these API versions.

Support for Certificate Authority (CA) Certificates in Authentication

V2.0 Integration APIs support CA certificate-based authentication.  These enhancements enable customers to use public key certificates obtained from a Certificate Authority (CA) .  You can purchase certificates from a CA ending in a supported Root CA. Alternatively, you can procure certificates from an intermediary whose chain ends in a supported Public Root CA. You can use these certificates for authenticating with Anaplan.  Authentication using CA certificates is considered a best practice in the industry, allowing you to leverage the benefits of a public key infrastructure.  

Anaplan continues to support Basic authentication, using a user ID and password. 

The Anaplan Integration v2.0 API generates a token used in all subsequent API calls. This removes the need for each API call to include either the user ID and password used in Basic authentication or the certificate content used in CA authentication.  

For more more information, see Administration: Certificates in Anapedia.

Anaplan Certificates expiring in December 2018

On December 10, 2018, any Anaplan certificates generated using the Certificates app in the Anaplan My Account page will expire.  After this date, users cannot be authenticated using these expired certificates.  If you plan on continuing to use v1.3 APIs, switch to Anaplan Basic authentication.

Changes in the V2 API

Changes included in v2 of the API are:

  • Support for token-based authentication
  • Support for authentication using CA public key certificates and Basic authentication (user login and password)
  • A JSON Web Token (JWT) included in every API call. Use Refresh API call to refresh expired tokens
  • Support for paging result sets. Request query components are used to specify the offset limit and sort order. The JSON in an API response includes paging information.
  • Results from GET call on /tasks end points now include a Task creation timestamp and task state value

Enhanced Security - Run Integrations on your Tenant only

With the Anaplan Integrations v2.0 API, users can run API calls against your Tenant only. This change provides enhanced security. 


If you have to access Anaplan models across multiple tenants and want to run ntegrations in these tenants, create different user IDs with different default Tenants and use these user IDs to run your integrations.