What's New: April 13, 2019

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Filter Performance Improvement

In this release, we've improved the performance of filters. You can see this improvement when filtering many rows or columns by a line item that:

Note: This performance improvement does not apply to line items with Dynamic Cell Access.

Use the top level list item as the default item in a page selector

As a model builder, you can now configure whether the top level item in a list is the default item in a page selector. We've added the Use Top Level As Default Page? checkbox to the Configuration tab of lists, and the grid within General Lists.

The setting is applied throughout the model and is therefore applied to both modules and dashboards. All modules, dashboards, personal dashboards, and saved views that use the list are updated.

If the end user does not have permission to view the top level item, the page selector defaults to the first leaf item.

Learn more in the Setting the Top Level as Default Page Selector Academy course.

Open source module from drill down dialog

As a model builder, you can now use the Open source module option on each line item or grid in the Drill down dialog. You no longer need to remember the name of the module and then search for it.

Close Others option on tabs

We've added the Close Others option to module and dashboard tabs. This enables you to close all other module or dashboard tabs except the one from which you select Close Others.

Line item import progress and Cancel

We've added a progress bar to imports in Blueprint.

New and enhanced features for workspace administrators

Reset the Index of a List

If your organization works with large amounts of data, the maximum value for a list item index can be reached. If you're a workspace administrator, you can now reset the index if it is between 899,999,999 and 999,999,999. You no longer need to contact Anaplan Support.

Fixes and Known Issues

Issues Resolved

The following issues are resolved in this release:

Case Reference
Issue Description
00190839, 00190883, 00191952,00192137

Model cannot be restored after copying a module

If you copy a module and edit it immediately after the new module has created, you cannot restore the model to any of the recent changes.


Unable to cancel user import

When importing users into a model, the cancel options display when that is no longer possible.


Import model blocks target workspace

When importing a model into a workspace, other users are blocked from accessing that workspace.

00179036, 00190170

Showing and hiding selections consumes a large amount of memory.


Modules take longer to load when Dynamic Cell Access (DCA) is enabled.

00158762, 00163539 When you edit a list import and set the source to column headers, that change is not saved. The mapping is blank when you return to that list import.
00181775, 00164549, 00182714, 00191416 An error is displayed when a Dynamic Cell Access (DCA) driver uses time as a dimension and is then used to read or write in a module with a line item that has time set to "Not Applicable".
00163769, 00179980, 00186468, 00187966 When you add new saved views to a module and then produce a comparison report, the report retrieves the incorrect saved view names.

When navigating to a page on a waterfall chart created from a module view that depends on a filter, an error displays. This occurs if no cells are returned because a column is not present on the page that you are viewing.

24536, 26500, 30082, 56646,
57366, 57740, 58844, 68198,
70596, 76279

Exporting a dashboard to a PDF fails intermittently when you run it immediately after a data change in the model.

00129514, 00187266 The vertical scroll bar is missing in the second screen of the Import dialog.
00175768, 00190303 Workspace administrators can import models with all users including themselves set to No Access.
00122481, 00189177, 00195762 If a cell contains the value Not a Number (NaN), that value cannot be removed even when that call is editable.

The label in the tooltip that is displayed when hovering over the synchronization icon in a target model is incorrect. The label reads Synchronized with instead of Revision applied.

00195051 Selective Access cannot be imported for a user with the user import when the user email address is not specified.
00180429 The error message that displays when a model attempts to allocate more memory than is available is incorrect.

00198051, 00198111, 00198340, 00198514,
00197733, 00197897, 00198787, 00198970,
00200162, 00200844, 00200098, 00200106,
00201070, 00201912, 00203155, 00203518

When importing from another module and the import is matched so that time matches on names, the import ignores all values if the source and target module contain:

  • line items with a summary of Sum, Time, Closing Balance; or
  • line items with a summary of Sum, Time, Opening Balance; and
  • a list as a dimension with a top level.
00198592, 00197793, 00200028 When you add a user to a Single Sign-on (SSO) workspace, there is no Authentication with Single Sign-on checkbox.
00182187 In certain circumstances, an error occurs when running a process that contains an import Action.
00190628 An error occurs when importing from one model to another where the size of the data from the source model is greater than the difference between the size of the model and the limit of the core.
00155280, 00122489, 00125255,
00124264, 00124707, 00126677

When importing a file with an unmatched delimiter, the error message references the end of the file, but not the location of the unmatched delimiter.

00124718 There is no scroll bar when there are a lot of line item subsets or version formulas in Blueprint mode.
00180659, 00181623, 00181694, 00111499,
00122547, 00124954, 00125028, 00123524,
00123667, 00123936, 00129532, 00129627,
00130442, 00176259, 00184787
Drill Down is not working on the LOOKUP function when using a time formatted line item.
00190839 If the Time Scale of a module is changed to Not Applicable and the Time Range is automatically set to Not Applicable, the change to Time Range is not shown in the Comparison Report.
00211487, 00211890, 00211977,
00213007, 00213160, 00213208
Navigating the grid with keyboard arrow keys does not work in Firefox version 65.
We've fixed some issues that occur in filters, which don't use time or versions and have no line item summary. Filters ran even when:
  • the user did not have access to the module in which the filter line item resides;
  • the filter used a list item in a fixed context that the user did not have access to in specific circumstances.
Once this release is live, some filters that you have already created may not return the same data or may return no data. To resolve this issue, grant users access to the relevant modules and list items.

When you reopen a model then open a dashboard with a page selector that has the Time dimension and the Initial Page selection option set to Default, the value for that page selector should be set to the Current Period defined in Model Settings > Time > Model Calendar. This does not happen if one of the time periods that you can choose using the page selector is hidden.

This also occurs for the Versions dimension. For instance, if you reopen a model then open a dashboard with a page selector that has the Versions dimension and the Initial Page selection option set to Default, the value for that page selector should be set to the version with the Currentcheckbox selected in Model Settings > Versions. This does not happen if one of the Versions that you can choose using the page selector is hidden.

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