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April 21, 2018 Anaplan Platform Release Webinar

Personal Dashboards

Workspace administrators build dashboards to provide users with cues for activity and information to support that activityyou'll know these as 'master dashboards'. Because these dashboards are used by a group of people with the same purpose, they may not fit the needs of every user. Now, personal dashboards allow you to provide users with a copy of a master dashboard that captures their specific preferences, which can be anything a user can change (within the restrictions applied by their administrators), and can be saved to a personal dashboard.

As an administrator, you can enable or disable personal dashboards at any time. You can also make changes to the master dashboard in design mode that will be pushed out to all users (although this will remove any users' personal views).

Personal dashboards are a really efficient way for your users to create a single, personalized view of a dashboard so they can save their filters, pivot preferences, and show or hide selections, and avoid the need for repetitive adjustments every time they open a dashboard.

Note: The availability of personal dashboards is slated to be phased throughout April 2018, so you may not receive access to this enhancement immediately following the April 21, 2018 platform release. To find out if personal dashboards are active for you after the release, go to Model Settings >  and look for the Personal Views tab.

Learn more in the Personal Dashboards Anapedia article

Formulas and Functions

We've introduced some useful new functions to help you clean up your data. Use SUBSTITUTE when you want to replace specific text in a text string and TRIM to remove all spaces from text except for single spaces between words. The new financial functionsCUMIPMT, CUMPRINC, IPMT and PPMTallow you to manage calculations on loan payments, such as how much you'll pay in interest during the period of the loan.

Learn more in the Anapedia Calculation Functions page.

Quick Sum Enhancement

We've improved the behavior of the Quick Sum feature. Now, any cells that are not formatted as Number (not dates) are excluded when calculating the average value, which is the same behavior as Excel.

Learn more in the Quick Sum Bar Anapedia article

Tag Data in Models

Workspace Administrators can apply data tags to lists, list properties, modules, and line items, in order to group different types of information together. There's no limit on the number of data tags you can create and the same data tag can be applied to multiple objects.

Learn more in the Tag Data in Models article.

Business Map

We've added smart alerts to the map canvas and the Connections view (in the side panel). You'll see a smart alert when Business Map can't retrieve the source object (a list, module, or saved view) for a model-to-model import. This can happen if the source of an incoming model-to-model import is renamed or deleted, breaking the connection between the import source and the import target model. Also, the side panel will open on Connections view by default, and you'll receive notifications if you don't have sufficient administrative access to view import source objects in the selected model.

Business Map is available to Premium and Enterprise edition customers who opt-in to the feature.


We've made a couple of neat usability changes in our Administration tool. Now, the sole Encryption Admin or Tenant Admin for the tenant are prevented from removing themselves from the role, which helps to avoid the pain of accidentally locking your tenant out. We've made it easier to assign and remove roles in Access Controlsimply select the user, check the boxes for the roles you want to assign, and click Save. Also, if you're assigned the Workspace Admin role, you can view the workspaces you have admin access to. In Workspaces, you can view all the users that have the Workspace Admin role for the selected workspace.

Learn more in the Workspace Administration Anapedia article.

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

We've made some enhancements to BYOK functionality. You can now retrieve Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) audit logs in Common Event Format (CEF), as well as JSON format. And, Encryption Admins can delete a symmetric key to remove it from BYOK in the Administration tool. This is useful when there is lack of trust for the key, or simply because it's no longer required.

DocuSign for Anaplan 1.5

We're pleased to announce the release of DocuSign version 1.5. In this release, we've introduced support for Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication. This means that DocuSign SSO users can authenticate the Anaplan DocuSign Integration with their single sign-on login, rather than entering their DocuSign password every time. Also, the Anaplan DocuSign Integration now supports all Anaplan data types with the exception of the "List" data type.

See DocuSign for Anaplan for more information about the Anaplan DocuSign Integration. See the DocuSign SSO Authentication article for information about using the Anaplan DocuSign integration with single sign-on (SSO). To find out more about DocuSign SSO authentication, see the Overview section of the  DocuSign Single Sign-on Implementation Guide.

Known Issues & Workarounds

Issue Workaround
Anaplan Workspace Administrators can update Envelope status in the Anaplan module. Non-admins cannot update status, although the Integration will work and documents will be sent out. There is no workaround.
When reusing a Workflow with the same module, certain document actions such as  "decline" or "cancel" do not overwrite the columns used to track the envelope status. Clear the columns used to track the envelope status.

When an existing Envelope is edited to use a different DocuSign template and the workflow that used the Envelope is subsequently edited, users are unable to save the edited Workflow. When this occurs, nothing happens when you click the Save button on a Workflow.

When you need to work with a different DocuSign.com template, create a new Envelope rather than editing an existing one.
If you attempt to add more recipients to an existing Envelope Workflow by changing the template, the workflow cannot be saved. Create a new Envelope Workflow with the required template.

Issues Resolved

The following issues are resolved in this release:

Issue Description
20075, 21375, 47270, 57598, 60051, 71631, 72320, 73273, 78120 106610, 114584, 123612, 123627, 123740, 123872, 150397

Fixed an issue with restoring archived models if the operation took longer than 5 minutes to complete.

65753, 71854, 75690, 78074, 78363, 78551, 80307, 80636, 80733 114631, 122527, 122528, 124949, 123738, 124020, 124005, 124548, 124622

Some files were not downloaded when running Processes containing multiple export Actions.

78537, 79288, 80413, 80482, 80526, 80636, 81067, 82118 122527, 125030, 123530, 123539, 123584, 131559, 132528, 137224, 152445

The File Options dialog always displayed "Set as default file for" as Myself (keep private) regardless of whether a default file exists for the file data source.


28123, 35629, 81369 124823, 132317, 156571

Invalid values could be pasted into List-formatted line items formatted using a list subset.

81011 131408

In models in deployed mode, the Show hidden content checkbox was disabled in the Contents panel.

66224 158438

Fixed an issue with copying and pasting a parent list item included in a subset of a numbered list with a display name.

  00153870, 00154036 Fixed an issue where copying and pasting a value into the Time Ranges column corrupted the model—copying "Not Applicable" value from line item Time Range source cell to target cell displayed "Invalid Time Range setting: 'Not Applicable'". 
79842 -

Fixed an issue where import data sources were not updated in sync target models, if the import data source was changed to a different module and unset as production data.

1 -

Fixed an issue where a model to model import from a saved view failed if the import was remapped in Model Settings > Source Models. This only occurred if at least one line item in the source model had the same name as the saved view.

72899 -

Models closed and reopened if you added a list item with the same name as the list's Top Level Item.

44347 -

Resolved performance issues when importing a list of users if Single Sign-On (SSO) is mapped from your source file.

 79184 -

Fixed an issue where a formula that used the SELECT function with one of three aggregation levels All Periods, Year to Date (YTD), or Year to Go (YTG) was rejected if the aggregation was included in the time range, but not in model timescale. 

If line item Source was applied to a time-range that included Total of All Periods aggregation, but Total of All Periods was not included in the model timescale, the following formula would have been rejected: Result = Source[SELECT: TIME.All Periods]

Known Issues and Workarounds

Known issues and workarounds have been identified during this release. Please visit the Known Issues and Workarounds board to learn more.

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