What's New: August 17, 2019

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Maximize option for drill-downs

We have added the maximize option back to the drill down window, which was previously removed when the Quick Access toolbar was added.

Re-sizing grids

We've addressed an issue that users experienced when working in a dashboard set up with a module grid and a "create" action button that inserts rows into the grid. Previously, adding rows to the grid when "synchronize selection" was turned on for the list dimension of the grid forced scroll bars to appear, rather than resizing the grid itself. With this release, grids will resize as expected.

Import behavior

We've fixed an issue that occurs in list imports. As a result of the fix, it is possible that some list imports will not run for certain users and will return a message of "Failed to locate model."

To resolve this issue, a Workspace Administrator should verify permissions for the user receiving the error in the model that is the source of the import.

To verify the user permissions, as an Admin:

1. Identify the user that the import action is failing for, and for that import action, identify the source model and list from which the data is coming. This can be done in the Import Data Sources tab.

2. In the source model, validate that the user has access to the model:

a. In Model Settings, click Users.

b. Locate the user, and within the 'Model Role' column, ensure the user has been assigned an appropriate role.


3. Validate that the role given to the user has the necessary permissions to the source list.

a.  In Settings, click Users and select the Roles > Lists tab. The lists in the model are on rows and roles are on columns.

b.  Ensure the role assigned to the user has access to the list used by the import by selecting the checkbox for the relevant list.


More information for managing roles and import permissions can be found here:

API-based file import enhancement

We have fixed an issue that occurred with file imports. When uploading a file via the API, if a workspace was unloaded after the last chunk PUT, but before a POST was sent to the ...<fileID>/complete/ endpoint, the file was inaccessible. With this release, once a file is marked as complete, all previously uploaded chunks will be accessible via the .../files/<fileID> endpoint, as well as any associated imports.

The following issues are resolved in this release:

Case Reference
Issue Description


Maximize option missing in drill down window.

00217484, 00198052, 00202227, 00203838, 00204851, 00212413, 00237049, 00237053, 00241022

When a user adds rows to a grid on a dashboard using a Create action button, the grid does not resize. Scroll bars appear instead.


A null pointer error displays when the user attempts an xlsx export from a module or saved view that has no direction on columns.


When uploading a file via the API, if the workspace is unloaded between last chunk PUT and the file being marked complete, the import data source is inaccessible.
00244642  Model to model imports could leave customers unable to access models on a specific core.

00112329, 00123529, 00158712, 00227614, 00242935

When a transaction takes longer than 60 minutes to complete, if there is no other activity, the model closes.


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