What's New: August 22, 2019

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The latest version of the Excel Add-in is now available.

Excel Add-in version 3.2 combines the fast and flexible connections of version 3.1 with the ability to connect to specific saved views. 

Connect to views

  • When you create a new connection, you can opt to connect to a saved view within a module.
    Now you can take advantage of the pre-configured orientation defined in Anaplan, along with the powerful filter and sort functionality that is part of a saved view. 
  • The breadcrumb in Display connection details lists the path to the view.
  • When you pivot a view in Anaplan and save the change, the Excel Add-in will update the change on refresh.

Other feature highlights

  • Faster performance speed.
    Version 3.2 is up to 15x faster than version 2.6. 
  • Specify which worksheets you want to refresh.
    The Refresh workbook tab now enables you to select which worksheets you want to refresh.
  • When you make a context selection in the default view in Anaplan, the selection carries over when you connect to the view in the Excel Add-in.

  • Increased user assistance.
    We've enhanced our info messaging to ensure you're informed of the context of any issues that may arise and provide any additional information to help you identify any actions you need to take.


We've updated our prerequisites for the Excel Add-in 3.2. Please ensure that you install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2, or later, before installing version 3.2 of the Add-in.

All other prerequisites remain the same. Consult our Download and install guidance for more information.


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