What's New: August 8, 2020

Community Boss

We have successfully made platform enhancements on Saturday, August 8th, 2020, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. PDT. 

Flexible time labeling: Workspace Administrators can label the models they build out by calendar year (CY) or fiscal year (FY), to better inform end users about the timeframe certain models represent.

Ensure approved user access: Ensure only approved users can access particular models. Workspace Administrators can now easily delete multiple unapproved users in a single action to secure access.


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Case Reference  Issue Description
00266684 When you copy a branch and the source list has orphan items, the orphans are copied into the target list as new child items. This does not affect copy branch actions where the branch to copy is the last item on that level of the list hierarchy.


When you run imports between numbered lists that map on both Code and Property, with Property as the unique identifier, and you delete the Code value, subsequent imports are unsuccessful.


Unable to compare revisions when the notes for a line item have JSON code in the current revision, but these notes are empty in a previous revision. 




Model roles do not synchronize when you try to reorder roles, delete roles, and change access for roles in the same synchronization.
00299626 Synchronization is unsuccessful when you delete a list that has list items from a production model and remove that list from the Applies to of a module.
00290368 Synchronization is unsuccessful when you change list data and module dimensionality for the production model in the same revision.


When you perform an import, the list item in the first row of a saved view does not display in the Mapping tab is other lists in the row have single items.


When you try to access an archived model through API 2.0, A NullPointermessage displays instead of the model status.







When you attempt a cross-workspace import, as an integrations user who is SSO-enabled for the same SSO server as the workspaces, the import is unsuccessful.




Synchronization is unsuccessful when the Applies to for a DCA-controlled line item is changed at the same time as the contents of a list used for the module's Applies to. In this case, Anaplan returns the error message Invalid name: null.
00152151 In some situations, it takes far longer than usual to cancel an import.




It is not possible to delete a user whose email address contains an ampersand.