What's New: Excel Add-in Version 3.1


A new version of the Anaplan Excel Add-in is now available. Excel Add-in Version 3.1 is faster, more flexible, and more responsive, making it easier to display your data your way.

With the Anaplan Excel Add-in V3.1, you can create a connection between an Excel worksheet and an Anaplan module, enabling you to display and manipulate your Anaplan data in a familiar Excel environmentYou can view, edit, pivot, and filter the data in Excel, and perform calculations using Excel formulas.

Download version 3.1 from the Downloads page in Anapedia.

If you're already using version 3.0, uninstall it before installing version 3.1. If you're currently using version 2.6, you can install version 3.1 without uninstalling version 2.6.

What’s New in Version 3.1

Work Faster

The add-in is now up to 10 times faster than version 2.6 when retrieving data from Anaplan.

Refresh Flexibly

You now have more control when you refresh the connection between Excel and Anaplan. Version 3.1 includes:

  • A new dialog that tells you exactly what’s happening as you refresh, summarizing what changes are being made (like the number of list items added or removed) and any errors that occur;
  • The option to cancel a refresh while it's in progress; and
  • The ability to choose whether any new list items that have been added to the source module are added to Excel in the refresh.

To save you time, when you delete a row or column of Anaplan data in Excel, the data is automatically deselected in the Pivot and Filter dialog—it won't be imported again unless you reselect it.

View Connection Information in the Toolbar

You can now see information about the current connection to Anaplan in the toolbar at the top of each worksheet, including the name of the workspace, model, and module name, along with any dimensions assigned to pages. The toolbar also remembers any selections you make when you go in and out of the Pivot and Filter dialog.

You can enable or disable the connection details displayed at the top of each worksheet and you can also hover your mouse over the toolbar to see the connection details.

Clone Connections

We've introduced the ability to clone a connection, which copies a connection and the cell data from an existing worksheet to a new worksheet. You can then pivot, filter, and edit the data in the new worksheet without affecting the data in the original worksheet.

Time Ranges

Module level time ranges are now fully supported in Excel.

Improved Updates

Update notifications are automatically displayed after an update is released. If the update is required, it must be installed to continue using the add-in. If the update is optional, it’s recommended to install immediately, but you can continue using the add-in and download and install the update later.

Questions, Comments, Kudos, or Concerns?

Do you have feedback on the Excel Add-in V3.1 release? Share your thoughts in the Excel Add-in V3.1 Release Discussion.