What's New: February 28, 2018

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Business Map

We're excited to announce that Business Map is now available to Premium and Enterprise edition customers on an opt-in basis.

Business Map provides a bird's eye view of your Anaplan environment to help you manage models across different business functions, geographies, workspaces, environments, and more. It supports connected planning by visualizing the connections between different use cases—such as Sales, Marketing, and Supply Chain planning—in a single location.

Any user assigned to the View Admin or Tenant Admin roles can access Business Map. Learn more about roles at Access Control.

Take advantage of Business Map to:

  • View all data hubs, workspaces, models, model-to-model imports, and file imports in your environment, in a single location.
  • Drill down on imports to view details of import sources, targets, and processes (requires Workspace Administrator access in both the import source and target models).
  • Find specific models and filter the map by your favorites.
  • Group models into workspaces or categories.
  • Open models directly from the map and the model panel.

Opt in and build your Business Map

Before Business Map is available for use in your organization, you must do the following:

  1. Opt in to Business Map at http://anaplan.com/businessmap
  2. Once you've received a confirmation email from Anaplan Support, build the map of your environment. To build the map, you must be assigned to the Tenant Admin role.

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