What's New: July 16, 2022

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We have successfully made platform enhancements on Saturday, July 16, 2022, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. PDT.

The way that Excel XLS exports are processed in the Anaplan platform has now changed. For most customers, this should have very little effect on the way that the XLS export functions.

You will only be impacted if you export to XLS files, whether that is from the Classic interface, the New Model Experience or from the User Experience. Exports to the XLSX format will be unaffected, as will the use of Anaplan Extensions for Microsoft Office.

For Model Builders, or End Users that perform exports to Excel XLS format for reporting or ad hoc analysis, you may notice some minor changes to the format of the XLS output. These are detailed below:

  • For cells with the Currency number format, a space now displays after the currency symbol in Excel.

  • If zero uses the hyphen format, it now displays as a hyphen in Excel.

  • If zero has the blank format, it displays as blank in Excel.

  • If a calculation resolves to NaN, the value exports as #NUM!, but with the data type ERROR.

  • If a calculation resolves to infinity or negative infinity, the value in XLS exports as #DIV/0!, with the data type ERROR.

  • If a number is too long to export to XLS format, the number is truncated, but the export now succeeds.

If you have Exports in XLS format that are then used in downstream data integrations, we advise that you review them to see if they will be impacted. For downstream integrations, we advise the use of file formats like CSV that can accommodate larger volumes of data and are better structured for ingestion into other systems.

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Case Reference Issue Description
00411508 When you use the Compare feature to compare the difference between data for an item and a specific base, the difference is given as undefined. It should identify the item selected to compare to the base.




New list-to-list imports are unsuccessful when:

  • The source has a property that contains duplicates.

  • The target uses that property as both the name and code.

  • You map the import on name or code.

Similarly, when you import from a file that has duplicate items and maps on name or code, the import is unsuccessful.












In an import, model and cell history do not update if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The target line item has at least 12 cells.

  • The target line item applies to at least two dimensions.

  • The import should update at least two cells that do not intersect with the dimensions in the same row or column.

  • There are multiple values in the source file that are mapped to update the same cell.

  • You select Only update imported cells.











Some of the changes made in an import do not display in model history when an import updates more than one cell, but fewer than 20 percent of cells. This only applies for imports into modules where the line items either apply to no list dimensions or more than one list dimension.
N/A When you run a comparison report for revision tags before and after you change a list property or properties, the Properties changed column in the report displays a value of 0.
N/A If you reorder list subsets and then run a comparison report for revision tags before and after the change, the report displays an empty LIST SUBSETS CHANGED header and does not display an OBJECTS MOVED section, unless you also make other changes to list subsets.
N/A If you reorder line item subsets and then run a comparison report for revision tags before and after the change, the report does record the movement. However, it also displays a LIST SUBSETS CHANGED header with no data beneath it.
N/A If you create a list with an empty code property, then add a code to any item and run a comparison report, the report displays list item changes for every item in the list. This includes items for which no code was added.
N/A  If you reorder line items and run a comparison report for revision tags before and after the change, the text report does not display the change, even though the summary in the comparison dialog includes a change to line items.
When you rename an item in a list and then delete the list, model history displays <Unknown> as the column header for the list. It should display the list name with the addition (now deleted).
When you try to import an XLS file you receive a message that advises you cannot import Word documents.
Your model performance may briefly slow down if you try to add a numbered list item as a child of another item in the same list, where the list has no parent hierarchy.