What's New: June 9, 2018 - Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud

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We’re pleased to announce an update to the Anaplan Connector for Informatica CloudThis update contains two significant features:

  • Support for API-based field mapping as an alternative to the current Anaplan file-based mapping for Anaplan Import actions. 
  • A workaround for column headers starting with numbers


  • You can now use same data source / flat file for multiple Import actions
  • You can run Import actions, regardless of modified or deleted Import data source files
  • You can work with data headers beginning with numbers 
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Support for API-based field mapping 

Currently, the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud refers to Anaplan files (the import data source) to retrieve column header information for mapping. This method can affect Informatica import action Data Synchronization tasks (DST), in scenarios where the Anaplan file has been deleted or overwritten. With this update, users can use API-based mapping for imports and the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud will make an API call to determine the headers and remove the dependency on files.

We recommend that you use API-based mapping for imports as Anaplan intends to use API-based mapping across all integration methods by early 2019 and file-based mapping will be phased out. 

How to use the new feature (enable API-based mapping)

In Informatica Cloud Services (ICS), edit the Anaplan Connections and select the new Use API Based Metadata check box. (Note that this is a temporary option until file-based mapping is phased out in early 2019.)


After saving, all DSS tasks using this connection will use API-based mapping.

If you don’t want to edit your existing connections, you can copy them to new connections and then edit the new connections. This way, you can switch DSS tasks one-by-one to API-based mapping and test them independently.

Impact on existing integrations

Anaplan’s long-term strategy is to move all Import mapping functionality to use API based mapping.  In Q1 of 2019, all integrations will move to API based mapping and file-based mapping will no longer be supported.  As a best practice, your organization should use API based mapping as soon as possible.

Existing integrations are not impacted by this change. The Use API Based Metadata check box is disabled by default and the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud continues to use file-based mapping. Users must actively enable the Use API Based Metadata check box.  

In certain cases, DST mapping (on the Field Mapping tab in the Data Synchronization Task Wizard) may need to be refreshed or manually re-mapped when moving to API-based mapping. This may affect import actions where dates are present in column headers, for example.

Support for column headers starting with numbers

Currently, Informatica Cloud (ICS) does not natively support column headers starting with numbers. In this update, we've implemented a workaround in the Anaplan connector to allow numbers in headings for Import actions.

If you use numeric headers such as “1 Jan 2018” in Import actions, the text “_NUMHDR_” is added to the beginning of the headers on the Field Mapping tab in the Data Synchronization Task Wizard. You can continue with the column mapping and then run the DST. The connector will remove the "_NUMHDR_" reference when writing data to Anaplan and you’ll see original headers in the Anaplan Import Data Source.

Note: If you use numeric headers in Export actions, due to technical limitations, the "_NUMHDR_" text will not be removed from final output. If you proceed with column mapping and run the DST for the export action, the additional text will still be present in the output file.

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