What's New: March 10, 2018

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We're pleased to announce the arrival of Time Ranges and more on March 10, 2018! Review the new product enhancements below, and then let us know what you think in the new Platform Release Discussions.

Time Ranges

Time ranges have arrived! Useful for reducing sparsity, a time range is a user-defined, contiguous range of time periods that can be applied to any module or line item to restrict the range of periods into which data can be entered. Time ranges can help you create custom views, showing only the data users need to see and you can keep historical data in context without adding to the size of the model when a new year is added; each year of data can be retained in a separate time range.

Time Ranges - Model Calendar.pngTime Ranges - Time Ranges.png

Workspace administrators can configure time ranges in the new Time Ranges tab in Model Settings > Time.

Review some time ranges best practices in the Time Range Application article.

Take the Introduction to Time Ranges course on the Anaplan Community now.

Learn more in the Time Ranges Anapedia article.

Users List

Warning Message when Removing a User's Model Access

A warning message now appears if you set a user's role to No Access. This alerts you that line item data associated with the user will be deleted from every module that has the users list as a dimension.


Learn more about this message in the Users Anapedia article

Quick Sum Bar

Quick Sum Bar.png

Want to see simple, automatic calculations on your grid data? The new quick sum bar shows the cell count, average, and sum total for a contiguous cell selection. It enables you to work more efficiently without the need to employ external tools to support simple, ad-hoc analysis of data.

See the quick sum bar in action here:

Learn more in the Quick Sum Bar Anapedia article.

Dashboard Quick Access Toolbar

We know it can be frustrating when you're viewing dashboard data and you're not sure if you're working with a full data set. You'd like to know whether a filter or sort has been applied, right?


The dashboard quick access toolbar shows this and more: Filter shows instantly whether filters are active or broken; Search minimises the number of clicks required to search the contents of a grid (you can also improve efficiency further by using the shortcut key Ctrl-Shift-S to search the grid in focus); and maximize enables users to expand and isolate the grid they are working on in a dashboard.

Note: With the introduction of the quick access toolbar, the search option has been removed from the right-click context menu. Users can now search a grid using the new toolbar, the short cut keys, Ctrl-Shift-S or Cmd-Shift-S as well as through the existing mechanism in the blue-dot menu at the grid and column level.

The Quick Access toolbar is enabled for all newly-published dashboard grids. To ensure there are no inadvertent layout changes to existing dashboards, the toolbar is disabled by default.
Administrators can enable the Quick Access toolbar on a grid-by-grid basis. To do so, navigate to the Dashboard Designer select Show Toolbar in the Toolbar Options section of the Properties panel. Deselect the option to hide the toolbar from end users.

View a demo of the quick access toolbar here:

Learn more in the Quick Access Toolbar Anapedia article

Launchpad Performance Improvements

We've improved the performance when searching for and loading models in launchpad. Now, archived models are not retrieved, only active models, making it much faster when loading a model or performing a search.


Change to Email Opt-in for New Users

New users are now required to opt-in to receive email communications from Anaplan when setting their Anaplan password for the first time. Previously, the email opt-in check box was selected by default and users had to take action to opt-out.

Users can change this setting at any time on the Profile tab - click the avatar in the top-right corner and select My Account.

Replacement of Certificates due to Browser Security Update

Anaplan has determined that it will be impacted by a change in Chrome 66 and Firefox 60 that will distrust certain web certificates as described in this Google Security blog post and this Mozilla post. Anaplan is aware of this issue and has been working to remediate its effects. Anaplan has recently replaced all customer-impacting web certificates ahead of the stable release of Chrome 66 in April. Customers using the beta version of Chrome 66 will be able to verify Anaplan certificate behavior.

You can request more information by emailing security@anaplan.com.

An Encryption Admin can Assign other Encryption Admins

Encryption admins now have the ability to assign another encryption admin to their tenant. Previously, encryption admins were assigned by Anaplan. With this change, only the initial encryption admin will be assigned by Anaplan once BYOK has been enabled for a customer's tenant. Encryption admins can now use access control to assign another encryption admin from a list of eligible users.

Issues Resolved

The following issues are resolved in this release:

Ticket Reference
Issue Description

39714, 39898, 40057, 41380

59402, 59991, 67797, 67927

74212, 79314, 79507

Performing these actions caused an error:

  1. Apply conditional formatting to a line item.
  2. Save as the default view of the module.
  3. Delete the line item with conditional formatting.
  4. Copy the module.
  5. Copy the copied module.

A negative array size exception occurred when running the Delete from List using Selection Action.

68333, 68637, 73995, 74017, 
74297, 74862, 77598, 77846, 
78173, 78211 78644, 80339 

Drill Down performance issues if the results included more than one line item from the same module.


Performance issues with the Delete from List using Selection Action in models with many line items and a formula that uses the "No Data" format.

66965, 68624, 76804

If Breakback would cause cell values to increase by more than a factor of 1 million, the incorrect error message was displayed in deployed mode.

37916, 54139, 56112, 66070
72923, 73671, 75358, 77422

If a list subset is the parent of a list containing at least one child item, an error occurred if you removed a list item from the list subset.


"Failed to load history for data change" appeared in the change history of a cell if you performed these actions:

  1. Imported data into a module whose dimensions include a list containing two list items.
  2. Viewed the change history of any cell in the module.
  3. Deleted the second item from the list.
  4. Viewed the change history of the same cell.
34092, 38196, 39139, 39799
41066, 43377, 44379, 46348
58895, 62323, 63188, 65619
69092, 70193, 72525, 72902
72907, 72911, 74271, 76588 
77219, 79679, 79936

In some circumstances, an error occurred when copying a module.

70435, 78961

Accessing Model Settings > Actions > Import Data Sources caused an error in models containing Salesforce import data sources.


If a module's default dimensions include a list subset, an error occurred if you attempted to sync these changes at the same time:

  1. Removed an item from the list subset.
  2. Changed the dimensionality of any line item in the module.
32997, 33473, 33515, 33882
34101, 34629, 35087, 35837
36764, 37214, 37466, 37831
38048, 38720, 39724, 40311
42172, 49943, 53955, 58895
59347, 70190, 72889, 72898
72985, 73039, 77133, 80086
Copying a module sorted by rows or columns resulted in an error.
81739, 81985, 82117

Models could become unresponsive if an export was canceled soon after being run.

72696, 70563

In the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud, the header names in the output file (chunk) didn't match the metadata of the export Action if:

  • The export Action was for a single column in a module.
  • Codes were used instead of Names.

80787, 72958

Importing a saved view between workspaces caused an error, if the name of the view included an ampersand (&) character.

61168 An unfriendly error was displayed if a model didn't successfully delete.
81692, 81810, 81818, 82060
Model names were no longer shown in the browser tab.

Known Issues and Workarounds

Known issues and workarounds have been identified during this release. Please visit the Known Issues and Workarounds board to learn more.

Questions, Comments, Kudos, or Concerns?

Do you have feedback on the upcoming March 10, 2018 Anaplan platform release? Share your thoughts in the March 10, 2018 Release Discussion.

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