What's New: March 9, 2019 - Anaplan Connector for Informatica Intelligent Cloud (IICS)

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We’re pleased to announce an update to the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Intelligent Cloud (IICS). This update contains support for enabling Informatica secure agents with Squid proxy server.

Support for Squid Proxy Server

Anaplan Connector for IICS now enables customers to use their IICS secure agent behind the Squid proxy server. Anaplan Connect utilizes IICS functionality and enables the following authentication types with proxy servers:

  • Unauthenticated mode – no proxy id or password required
  • Authenticated mode with unencrypted password – proxy credentials provided in plain text

The Anaplan Connector for IICS currently does not support proxy authentication with encrypted passwords. For more details on how to set up the secure agent for proxy authentication, please refer to the Anaplan Connector for Informatica guide.