What's New: May 18, 2019

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We’re excited to share that the May 18th release expands Anaplan’s reach into new Investment Management use cases. We expanded your toolbox by introducing 11 new investment management functions native in the platform to meet your business needs. Additionally, Anaplan improved the speed to value by enabling exports to .xlsx format, improving the row and column limits that exist in the .xls format. With new export flexibility, save valuable time by easily transferring your data in the format you need, ensuring you get to the next step in your planning process faster.

Investment management functions

We have added these new functions to help you use Anaplan for investment management:
  • COUPDAYBS calculates the number of coupon days before the settlement date.
  • COUPDAYS returns the number of coupon days in the coupon period that contains the settlement date.
  • COUPDAYSNC determines the number of coupon days from the settlement date until the next coupon date.
  • COUPNCD calculates the next coupon date after the settlement date.
  • COUPNUM returns the number of coupons payable between the settlement date of a bond and the bond's maturity.
  • COUPPCD identifies the previous coupon date before the settlement date.
  • DURATION uses the Macaulay duration to indicate a bond price's response to changes in yield. The Macaulay Duration is the weighted average number of years an investor must retain the bond until the value of its present cash flows equals the amount paid for the bond.
  • MDURATION uses the Macaulay duration to tell you what percentage the value of a bond will change by for a 1% change in the yield.
  • PRICE returns the price per 100 monetary units of a bond that pays periodic interest.
  • YEARFRAC calculates the fraction of a year between two dates.
  • YIELD determines the yield to maturity of a bond the interest rate that, when used to discount the bond's future cashflows, produces the given price.

Export data to .xlsx format

You can now export data from your model to the .xlsx format. This means that you can export data to Microsoft Excel without the row and column limits that exist in the .xls format.

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