What's New: November 14, 2020

Community Boss

We have successfully made platform enhancements on Saturday, November 14th, 2020, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. PST. 

Version settings as production data:

The following Versions settings have became production data:

  • Switchover

  • Edit From

  • Edit To

  • Notes

Model administrators can now change these settings in Deployed mode, meaning an ALM sync to update them regularly is no longer required. This update enables more efficient model management and greater flexibility when setting up spoke models using ALM. This feature also allows for greater contextualization for each spoke model and further business process automation.

What hasn't changed after this release?

  • Existing version settings will remain as is
  • Current, Actual, and Formula settings will remain as structural data

What has changed after this release?

  • Model administrators will be able to update Switchover, Edit From, Edit To, and Notes in Deployed Mode
  • These settings will not be changed during model syncs
  • Changes in the content of these fields will not be reflected in an ALM sync diff report
  • Model administrators can change the settings via:
    • Manual input in the UI
    • File import into version settings
    • Module import into version settings
  • When importing into version settings grid, Current, Actual, or Formula will be ignored as they continue to be structural data
  • Check out the best practices we recommend you to follow, to make the most of this new capability. 

Module names displayed in columns:

We’ve also added a Module Name column to blueprint view and the line items tab in Modules, located at the end of the grid. This is automatically populated with the module name. You can use this information to filter and lookup the line's module name once you have exported data to a third-party application.

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Case Reference  Issue Description
00308957 When more than one Import Data Sources are updated, duplicate columns are displayed in the Import data sources changed table of the Comparison Report.





In the Comparison Report, incorrect view names are displayed in the Name column of the Saved views changed table.
00315020 For large history logs, some model history may be missing from the History report, or the report may display an error.








When you synchronize an existing ALM model, the Current Period is unset in the deployed model.
00311351 If you have access to over 5000 models, including archived models, then an import may fail to locate the required model, and display an error, "Failed to locate model..."
00316569 If you click Revert to Last Revision for a revision tag created before August 8th 2020, then unexpected changes may be made to fiscal year labels. You can synchronize to restore the labels to the target.
00320071 As a user with read-only access to grid cells, you can paste data into those cells.