What's New: November 17, 2018

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New and Enhanced Features for Administrators

Core: Support for time ranges and time scales

Excel Add-in v3.0 now supports time ranges and time scales (with one exception) when displaying Anaplan data in Excel.

A module or line item can be configured with a user defined time range, as an alternative to the time range defined in the model calendar. A time scale can also be applied to a module or line item which is different to the time range. For example, if the default dimension for a model is measured by Year, you can create a line item that has a timescale of Month, which is displayed as a subsidiary view.

The previous release of the Excel Add-in had limited support for time scales, and no support for time ranges.

In the previous release, if:

  • a module or line item had time as a dimension, the time range of the model calendar would always be used.
  • a module or line item had a user defined time range applied, this was ignored, and the time range of the model calendar was used.
  • summary periods, Year to Go, Year to Date, or All Periods were configured, these were incorrectly associated with the Day period type.

These limitations have been addressed, and the Add-in now correctly displays time ranges and time scales if they have been chosen for a module.

If you have previously created a connection to an Anaplan module which uses time ranges, you’ll need to pivot and filter the dimensions for that connection using the add-in before it will be able to refresh Excel with the latest data from Anaplan. If the add-in gets stuck when trying to refresh these connections, or you see a message asking you to pivot and filter the dimensions, you’ll need to identify the connections that use time ranges, and pivot them before you can refresh.

Time ranges and time scales at line item level aren’t currently displayed, and will inherit the time range or time scale of the module or, if this hasn’t been configured, the model calendar.

Easily save changes to dashboards in run-time mode

We've made it much easier for administrators to save changes to dashboards - to either the master or a personal view - without having to hit Edit to save updates in the Dashboard Designer. Now, any changes you make to a dashboard in run-time mode can be saved straight from the dashboard toolbar using the Save As Master and Save As My View buttons. 

Toggle All Users in the Users List

If you're a workspace administrator, you can now choose whether the Users list, when used as a dimension of a module, shows all the users with model access or just your own user. This enables you to get an end user's view of dashboard grids that have the Users List as an underlying dimension.

Issues Resolved

The following issues are resolved in this release:

Case Reference
Issue Description

A corrupt model is created if you create a new model in a  workspace that has insufficient space.

68244 Renaming a list item with an existing name causes a rollback.

00106677, 00137427

Copy/paste on numbered list with subset causes 'Unknown list member' client error

Copying and pasting a list with a subset causes the 'Unknown List Member' client error to occur.

00162199, 00165917, 00175405, 00179206, 00184379, 00184084, 00185244, 00187248, 00187724, 00188626

Index out of bounds error

When using the Copy Branch button for a list which is used as the dimension of a DCA driver an index out of bounds error is displayed.


Unable to add users to a model if there are more than 8 characters after the period in their email address

When you click Add User in the Users tab of Model Settings and then type an email address with more than eight characters after the period in the email address, it is shown as invalid and cannot be added to the model. For example,  j@n.consulting.


Internet Explorer version 11.192.16299.0 with decimal and grouping system setting other than English

If a user's system settings for decimal and grouping separators differ from the English settings, an Invalid Number error is displayed when copying and pasting a number with three decimal places.

00178415, 00187341

If a cell is selected, pressing the volume button on your keyboard clears the data within the cell.

00180789, 00189726, 00191703

Whitespace generated below grid element

If a grid has the list used in a create action as a dimension, and Synchronize Selection is selected on on Rows or Columns within dashboard settings, clicking the create button generates whitespace below the grid element.

00181246, 00180940, 00154350, 00098540, 00098514, 00098530, 00102303, 00106559, 00106696, 00107125, 00107567, 00108138, 00110064, 00108795, 00110883, 00112261, 00112832, 00115128, 00115377, 00117683, 00116393, 00118498, 00117057, 00117121, 00122391, 00122392, 00122427, 00122517, 00123593, 00125243, 00123734, 00123872, 00123931, 00124563, 00124614, 00126670, 00127116, 00129530, 00128078, 00131359, 00131414, 00142296, 00142791, 00147300, 00148486, 00148826, 00150629, 00157029, 00162134, 00162329, 00164481, 00165605, 00166960, 00168875, 00169095, 00168526, 00169569, 00180400, 00181991, 00182677, 00183015, 00183106, 00183334, 00184958, 00185946, 00185950, 00187222, 00187857, 00187991, 00188222, 00188516, 00190366, 00190794, 00192845, 00192016, 00193845

Repeated rollbacks

If your infrastructure re-sends requests while Anaplan is still processing the original rollback transaction, this can lead to the requests being repeatedly processed and can block users from the model.

00181819, 00156741, 00163255

00164507, 00165033

Grid displays odd behavior when refreshing

When you click an open dashboard button that opens the same dashboard, odd behavior is shown if the grid contains at least one line item with a filter enabled and that is placed above a grid with two lists nested on rows.

00181180, 00168709, 00169957, 00176876, 00176497, 00176535, 00179807, 00180395, 00182686, 00182997, 00184053, 00186706, 00188653, 00190815, 00194068

Synchronization fails when a dynamic cell access driver is driven by a formula.

00168946, 00169133, 00168301

When the browser zoom is not set to 100% in Chrome and Safari, the search box does not display correctly.


After a synchronization where the format of a summary or parent line item is changed, that line item is no longer a summary or parent line item.

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