What's New: Oct 20, 2018 - Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud

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We’re pleased to announce an update to the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS). This update contains support for Anaplan v2.0 Integration APIs. Users can now use Certificate Authority (CA) certificates for Anaplan integrations.

Support for Certificate Authority (CA) Certificates in Integrations

Anaplan Connector for IICS now enables customers to use public key certificates obtained from a Certificate Authority (CA).  You can purchase certificates from a CA ending in a supported Public Root CA. Alternatively, you can procure certificates from an intermediary whose chain ends in a supported Public Root CA. You can use these certificates for authenticating with Anaplan. Authentication using CA certificates is considered a best practice in the industry, allowing you to leverage the benefits of a public key infrastructure.  

The connector now supports 2 Anaplan Integration API versions:

  • Existing version v1.3
    • Users can use Anaplan certificates or Basic authentication (User ID / password) when this API version is selected in Anaplan connections
  • New version v2.0
    • Users can use CA certificates or Basic authentication when this API version is selected in Anaplan connections 

With the v2.0 API, connector first make a call to Anaplan Authentication API. Successful authentication returns a JSON Web Token (JWT). This token is included in all subsequent API calls. This removes the need for each API call to include either the user ID and password used in Basic authentication or the certificate content used in CA authentication. The connector handles all authentication behind the scenes and manages the refresh of the JWT.

For more more information, see Administration: Certificates in Anapedia.

Anaplan Certificates expiring on Dec 10th, 2018

On December 10, 2018, any Anaplan certificates generated using the Certificates app in the Anaplan My Account page will expire. After this date, users cannot be authenticated using these expired certificates. We encourage users to start using CA certificates well before this time. Alternatively, users can configure Anaplan integrations with Basic Auth. Refer to Anaplan-generated Certificates to Expire December 10, 2018 for more details.

Impact on existing Integrations

Currently, all Anaplan integrations run on v1.3 Integration APIs. When the new connector version is deployed, existing integrations will continue running as usual. Anaplan connections will default to v1.3 API. Users must manually edit their Anaplan connections in IICS to change API version to v2.0 so as to be able to use CA certificates. Refer to the Anaplan Informatica Connector guide for more details.

Enhanced Security - Run Integrations on default Tenant only

With the Anaplan Integrations v2.0 API, users can run API calls against your Tenant only. This change provides enhanced security.

Workaround: If you have to access Anaplan models across multiple tenants and want to run integrations in these tenants, create different user IDs with different default Tenants and use these user IDs to run your integrations.