What's New: October 19 2019

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Disclaimer: Note that the information here is subject to change right up until the release is live; subscribe and check back frequently for the latest.

Anaplan has successfully updated the platform on Saturday October 19, 2019.

During this window, we have made the following updates:

Secure Access via Single Sign-On

Users with the encryption administrator, tenant administrator, tenant auditor, page builder, process owner, or workspace administrator role can only access your tenant via SSO using the identity provider assigned to your tenant.  This prevents users from authenticating against identity providers not associated with your tenant from accessing your environment. If you are a business partner or other user provisioned  to multiple SSO-enabled tenants with a Workspace Admin or Page Builder role (e.g. implementation partner), you must log in using the SSO identity provider associated with the tenant you want to access. You can also be configured as an exception user in those SSO-enabled tenants and authenticate using your username and password.

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